Friday, May 11, 2012

What Lenses Are You Looking Through?

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change." Wayne W. Dyer

Growing up and even as a young adult, I remember being targeted by certain people. These people would even pick fights with me. I remember thinking they were the problem. I didn’t attribute their dislike to my behavior.

The “light bulb” moment happened in my early adulthood, when I encountered a stranger at my workplace. One night he needed a ride home after work and I offered to take him home. My kind gesture changed his perception of me. He broke the tension and said “You know I didn’t like you because you always walk around like you are in charge.” I was a supervisor but not of him, so why did it matter? Maybe he did have his own insecurities but I had to examine myself.

What the man shared was intriguing. However, I viewed things differently; being person short of stature I struggled with self-esteem. Throughout my life many people described me as strong and tough but I never thought I was sending intimidating or threatening “vibes.”

It was obvious that I needed to change. I decided to be consciously aware of the “vibes” I was sending and show myself friendlier. Being confident without compassion and humility is a recipe for social disaster.

Here's a biblical take away that I love, "Humility goes before honor!"

What "vibe" are you sending to others?

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